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KIT8:  JPG Decoder (063)

KIT2:  JPEG camera recorder (053)


Full specifications:

  • Fast dsPIC33FJ256 DSP @ 20/40 MIPS

  • Serial Bootloading available

  • RGB OLED 160x128 pixels, Densitron.

  • FM RDS/RBDS receiver chip Si4731

  • SD/MMC socket

  • FRAM 256kbit

  • DataFlash 64Mbit

  • Bluetooth NXP BGB203

  • MP3, Ogg Player & recorder VS1053.

  • Headphone/line out, digital I2S outputs

  • USB 2.0 FT245RL

  • Battery powered Li-Ion, USB charger

  • 2 UART ports

  • Small size: 66,5 x 54,9 mm










Typical applications:

  • DSP development board for MPLAB ASM30 or other compilers

  • Hand-held, car TMC receiver.

  • JPEG camera recorder.

  • MP3 player/recorder with FM RDS

  • GPS - Bluetooth interface



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This board combines the speed of a dsPIC with a wide range of interfaces.

It will enable you to play and experiment with various of our projects, as well as to develop and prototype your own concepts and ideas.



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