OmniBoard KIT1: "hello world" (t01)

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last update: August 6, 2008


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This is the easiest way to start playing with the OmniBoard.

KIT1 is a dsPIC beginners project which shows how to get the DSP going at 40MIPS. The "hello world" example outputs some text to the RS232 port.

  • Assembled and programmed pcb.
  • Battery supply +3V5 ... +6V, integrated voltage regulator.
  • ON/OFF with single pushbutton.
  • Bootloader support.
  • Hardware is compatible with other omniboard projects and can be upgraded.



  Free schematics, diagrams, software and source code downloads available.

KIT1 top view (boxed)


  How to make it work?
  1. User a supply or battery between +3V5 ... +6V
  2. Build a RS232 level converter, te be placed between omniboard RS232-2 and your pc serial COM port: see howto here.
  3. Omniboard RS232-2 (X1 connector) connection pins:
    1. +3v3 (closest to T2 transistor "717")
    2. PIC TX
    3. GND
    4. PIC RX
  4. Use a free terminal program to view what to board sends out, for example use the built into TinyBootloader, used in previous projects. See screenshot below. RS232 @ 115200 bpS, 8N1, "type comm"
  5. You will need the same RS232 level converter, connected likewise, to be able to upload a new firmware with the bootloader.


6. In case you need to reprogram the dsPIC from scratch, then use the ICSP+ connector X3, connected to a hardware programmer, like the dsPIC USB programmer: WinPic800.

Omniboard ICSP+ (X3 connector) connection pins:

  1. !MCLR/VPP
  2. PGD (data)
  3. GND
  4. PGC (clock)
  5. +3v3
  6. leave open
  7. leave open
  8. leave open (closest to pcb corner)




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Images: (click images to view full resolution)


pcb top view pcb bottom view

Diagrams: (click images to view full resolution)
  pcb top diagram pcb bottom diagram  

Component Datasheets:


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