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The serial programmer we are using is a modified command-line dsPICProgrammer developed in Java by Dennis. It is itself an Ingenia mod.

How to install and run in a Windows XP/Vista environment:


  1. Download the Original command-line dsPICprogrammer (Windows/Linux) package and extract to your directory. Check-out the readme.txt
  2. Download the Omniboard bootloader modification, extract and overwrite the files from 1.
  3. Download the latest JDK and copy the \jre_xxx directory from \program files\java to your directory. Rename this directory to "jre"
  4. Install RXTX from here, and: copy RXTXcomm.jar to \jre\lib\ext (under java) + copy rxtxSerial.dll to \jre\bin


  1. Copy your new.hex file you want to upload to the omniboard to the /firmware directory of the dsPICprogrammer.
  2. Open a command-line window ("start", "run" and type in "cmd" + enter.)
  3. Go to the directory where you saved the dsPICprogrammer. (use dos commands as "cd.." "cd yourdirectory" "c:")
  4. Now type the command "launch COM1 115200 firmware/new.hex" and enter
  5. Reset the omniboard with the power on/off/on or by applying ground to the !MCLR
  6. Break with ctrl+c if you want to abort, otherwise just let it go, it takes only about half a minute to program the whole chip.


Interface: RS232 level converter:

You'll need an RS232 hardware level converter between the dsPIC UART2 (RS232-2, X1 connector) and your pc serial COM port.

Look here to build one. Be sure to use the MAX3232 instead of a normal MAX232.

Be sure to have the TX, coming from omniboard connected to the serial port RX:


PIC TX --> Pc serial port RX

PIC RX <-- Pc serial port TX

Omniboard RS232-2 connection pins:

  1. +3v3
  2. PIC TX
  3. GND
  4. PIC RX




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